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Share Your Story

Share Your Story

My name is Dan. I’m 29 and just like anybody. I work an 8 hour day. I eat breakfast and drink my formula through out the day, then eat dinner at night. I use PhenylAde Essential Strawberry, Orange Creme and Chocolate. I drink about an entire can a day.  I know my formula helps me to be my best.

Dan P. 29 CPKU
Vancouver, OR

Hello.  My name is Aubrey and I am 16 months old with classic PKU. When my parents first found out I had PKU it was very hard on them.  They found relief by talking to other parents and educating themselves.  I’m a happy, healthy, growing toddler ready to switch to Periflex Junior from Periflex Infant. 

Aubrey P.  CPKU, 16 months

Dover, DE

Hello. My name is Annaliese. I am an adult with PKU who lives in central Texas. I enjoy recreating international cuisines as low protein fare and other kitchen experiments. When not working, I enjoy devouring entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix and fiddling around with arts and crafts. If I could have any career, I'd be a PKU ambassador to the world, but for now I’m working on a career in Project Management. I drink PhenylAde60 and PhenylAde MTE Amino Acid Blend. I like to get creative by mixing the formula with different extracts and flavorings to create a custom formula for me.

Annaliese M. CPKU
San Antonio, TX

This is Bella. She attends morning preschool five days a week. Bella is a very smart little girl. She loves anything  Hello Kitty®. Bella loves to dance, swim and dress up. Bella drinks PhenylAde Essential Strawberry. She drinks it three times a day. She loves it and drinks it down. Bella is a growing four year old. PKU has not slowed her down! 

Jennifer, mom to Bella, CPKU age 4

Woolrich, NJ


Hello Kitty® is a Registered Trademark of SANRIO CO., LTD and not affilcated with Nutricia North America.

Hi.  My name is Jack.  I have been using PhenylAde Essential Strawberry for years and love it a lot.  But I was looking for something else for when I’m working out or playing sports which led me to Lophlex LQ and I really love it because it gives me 20g of protein (PHE-FREE) in only 4.2 fl oz.  I can drink it really drink it quick and get back to working out or whatever I’m doing.

Jack S.  CPKU, age 14


My son was really struggling with his formula.   He needed to drink 20 fluid ounces a day but couldonly get down 10 fluid ounces.  We triedeverything.  Finally, we tried PhenylAde® 60 and it worked perfectly and have had no problems since!   He is down to drinking 9 fluid ounces of formula a day (to meet this total recommended formula intake).  PhenylAde® 60 was our saving grace.

Noelle B. - Son with CPKU, age 8

Wilmington, DE