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My son was really struggling with his formula.   He needed to drink 20 fluid ounces a day but could only get down 10 fluid ounces.  We triedeverything.  Finally, we tried PhenylAde® 60 and it worked perfectly and have had no problems since!   He is down to drinking 9 fluid ounces of formula a day (to meet this total recommended formula intake).  PhenylAde® 60 was our saving grace.

Noelle B. - Son with CPKU, age 8

Wilmington, DE

Hello. My name is Annaliese. I am an adult with PKU who lives in central Texas. I enjoy recreating international cuisines as low protein fare and other kitchen experiments. When not working, I enjoy devouring entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix and fiddling around with arts and crafts. If I could have any career, I'd be a PKU ambassador to the world, but for now I’m working on a career in Project Management. I drink PhenylAde60 and PhenylAde MTE Amino Acid Blend. I like to get creative by mixing the formula with different extracts and flavorings to create a custom formula for me.

Annaliese M. CPKU
San Antonio, TX

Share Your Story

My name is Dan. I’m 29 and just like anybody. I work an 8 hour day. I eat breakfast and drink my formula through out the day, then eat dinner at night. I use PhenylAde Essential Strawberry, Orange Creme and Chocolate. I drink about an entire can a day.  I know my formula helps me to be my best.

Dan P. 29 CPKU
Vancouver, OR

Hello.  My name is Aubrey and I am 16 months old with classic PKU. When my parents first found out I had PKU it was very hard on them.  They found relief by talking to other parents and educating themselves.  I’m a happy, healthy, growing toddler ready to switch to Periflex Junior from Periflex Infant. 

Aubrey P.  CPKU, 16 months

Dover, DE

This is Bella. She attends morning preschool five days a week. Bella is a very smart little girl. She loves anything  Hello Kitty®. Bella loves to dance, swim and dress up. Bella drinks PhenylAde Essential Strawberry. She drinks it three times a day. She loves it and drinks it down. Bella is a growing four year old. PKU has not slowed her down! 

Jennifer, mom to Bella, CPKU age 4

Woolrich, NJ


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Hi.  My name is Jack.  I have been using PhenylAde Essential Strawberry for years and love it a lot.  But I was looking for something else for when I’m working out or playing sports which led me to Lophlex LQ and I really love it because it gives me 20g of protein (PHE-FREE) in only 4.2 fl oz.  I can drink it really drink it quick and get back to working out or whatever I’m doing.

Jack S.  CPKU, age 14