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What can the Nutricia Coverage Department do to help me?

We help you explore your current insurance to see if your metabolic formula is covered by your plan. We can also help you locate a supplier that participates with your insurance. The Coverage Department works together with you, your clinic or doctor to help with formula access.

Should I seek help from the Nutricia Coverage Department even if my insurance has denied formula coverage in the past?

YES.  In some cases a previous denial does not mean you don’t have coverage.  Our team of coverage specialist can take more detailed look at your specific plan to see if coverage is still possible.

I don’t have insurance, how can Nutricia Coverage Department help me?

YES.   We can help you explore other avenues for coverage such as state programs, grant or buy direct from Nutricia.

Do I need authorization from a doctor or dietitian to begin the coverage process?

YES.  The Nutricia Coverage Department helps anyone currently using or planning to switch to a Nutricia product. We require documentation from your healthcare professional to get started.  Not a current user? Take advantage of our sample program and find a formula right for you.   View our products.

I can’t afford my insurance premiums, how can you help me?

We can explore a variety of solutions, please contact us directly or call 800-605-0410  

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How long does the coverage process take?

The Nutricia Coverage Department  provides personal attention to each case.  Time to resolve a coverage issue or find a supplier will vary from case to case.  Some cases are simple and can take up to 2 days, while others may take more time.

Can I use more than one formula or flavor at a time?

If your healthcare professional is requesting more than one product for you, we can work with your insurance provider to obtain coverage and verify your ability to have more than one product.

I already have a supplier but they can no longer supply me?

We can help you find a new supplier for your formula.  Get Started (button) or call us directly at 800-605-0410.

I am having billing problems with my supplier/insurance company. Can the Nutricia Coverage Department help?

We can sure try! A Nutricia insurance specialist can contact your insurance company on your behalf to ask questions and attempt to resolve you billing or supplier problems.

It took me a long time to get coverage for my current formula, so I am scared to switch products

Once you’ve established that your current plan covers medical foods, making a change between formula brands or formula flavors is often simple. We can help.