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Nutricia recently launched PKU Periflex® Junior Plus, a new addition to the Periflex family, with the goal of bringing the best in nutrition support to your child. Towards this goal they have improved the trusted Periflex® Junior based on latest medical and scientific knowledge.

 PKU Periflex Junior Plus has been improved to now provide DHA and Fiber for your child

  • DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid found to be lacking in the typical PKU diet
  • Nutricia’s own patented Multi-Fiber blend was added to support your child’s overall gut health.

 We have improved the taste profile to reduce the lingering aftertaste of amino acids.  We think the new formula tastes great and think you will too!   


Did You Know It Can Take Several Attempts For A Child To Get Used A New Food or Formula?

For some kids, a change in formula can be challenging.  Some kids may need to try new foods/formula many times before acquiring a taste for it. So please be patient if that is the case with your little one.

Talk to your dietitian or clinic about a 10-, 7-, or 4- step transition plan.  This plan will show you how to slowly mix the new product and current product to aid your child in making a successful change to PKU Periflex Junior Plus.  

To assist you, we have created a helpful 10-, 7- or 4-step transition calculator.