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Fall 2018

Loprofin Mix is an all‐purpose, low protein baking mix, great for cooking and home‐made pastries. A packet of yeast is provided in each box, making baking easy, especially bread. Nutricia also offers Loprofin Chocolate Cake Mix, great for any chocolate cake or muffin recipe. Tasty recipes, such as breads, naan, cupcakes, gingerbread and many more, can be found here

Loprofin Mix is a great substitute for Wel‐Plan Baking Mix, which is unfortunately no longer available. Several low protein expert chefs shared that they substitute Wel‐Plan Baking Mix with Loprofin Mix at a 1:1 ratio. For example, if a recipe asks for one cup of Wel‐Plan, you would use one cup of Loprofin Mix. We have also test‐baked a few low protein bread recipes from “Apples to Zucchini”, a cookbook by Virginia Schuett and Dorothy Corry, and confirmed that Wel‐Plan can be substituted at a 1:1 ratio with Loprofin Mix for many bread recipes. Check out these recipes with Loprofin Mix that work for making bread – with or without a bread machine! 

Many of you relied on Maddy’s Homestyle baking mixes as convenient, quick mixes. We developed recipes where you can use the Loprofin Mix to make the same baked goods. New Loprofin recipes, such as, sugar cookies, banana bread and blueberry muffins, to list just a few, can be found here

Look out for our future blogs on holiday cooking and baking, as well as making the low protein kitchen convenient, quick and tasty! 

Happy Baking!

October 2017

Nutricia launches Nutricia Connect, a comprehensive program that combines the many patient services that they provide.  The program is the umbrella for patient connections that include education on inborn errors of metabolism, low protein living, support, and more.  The program is also home to Nutricia's outstanding Reimbursement Team who work to connect patients with formula.  Learn more www.MedicalFood.com/Connect

January 2017

Nutricia introduces PhenylAde GMP Mix-In.   A new formula for PKU that provides a source of Glycomacropeptide (GMP) and allows people to create a custom flavored formula.  By simply adding PhenylAde GMP Mix-In into a flavored protein-free beverage or food you can get creative and a formula you enjoy drinking.

January 2016

Join the Newborn Screening (NBS) Connect Patient Registry at nbsconnect.org

The NBS Connect Patient Registry is a support network for parents, guardians and individuals with inherited metabolic disorders. Participants have access to low protein recipes, educational materials, interactive health tracking systems, professional support, research opportunities, discussion forums and more!

The registry was launched with NBS-PKU Connect for Phenylketonuria and recently added NBS-MSUD Connect for Maple Syrup Urine Disease. Extensive development will continue to include other disorders.

Visit nbsconnect.org to register!

September 2015

It is with great excitement that Nutricia announced the launch of  Anamix® Next..  Welcome to the Next Generation of formula for TYR, HCU, MMA, PA & IVA.  This ground breaking medical food is the first and only to include a source of both Fiber and DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid.

May 2015

Nutricia introduces 'A Whole New Way to Think About PKU Nutrition' with the launch of PhenylAde GMP. PhenylAde GMP is a new PKU formula that contains Glycomacropeptide (GMP), made from a whole protein source. 

February 2015

PKU Periflex Junior Plus adds 3 additional flavors to offer more variety to PKU Juniors. Now this fantastic formula that contains both DHA & FIBER is available in Plain, Berry, Vanilla, and Orange. Try it Today!  Get a Sample Now

November 2014

PKU Lophlex LQ is upgraded to inlcude 150 mg of DHA per each 4.2 fl oz (125 mL) pouch.  Now available in 3 great juicy flavors, Mixed Berry Blast, Juicy Orange and Juicy Tropical.   Request a free sample 3-pack.

August 2014

Nutricia launces PKU Periflex® Junior Plus - the first and only PKU formula for children with DHA and Fiber.  This formula will ultimately replace the current Periflex Junior, which will be discontinued in early 2015.  Talk to your metabolic clinic today about a 4, 7, or 10 day transitoin plan.

July 2014

Salt Lake City welcomes the 3rd National PKU Confernence. As a proud GOLD sponsor Nutricia showcases will showcase new products and services. Visit www.npkua.org to register.

May 2014

Nutricia adds a new member to the Periflex® Family with the addition of Periflex® LQ! This ready to drink PKU formula features a smooth creamy taste in a ‘on the go’ friendly package. Each 8.5 fl oz (250mL) ready-to-drink pack delivers 15g of phenylalanine-free protein in two great flavors. Click here to request a free sample.

April 2014

The new Medicalfood.com is launched! This new comprehensive metabolic website joins together PKU, MSUD, TYR, HCU, MMA, PPA, GA-1 and other condition product pages and informative content to help people and families living with a metabolic disorder. This website features easy access to free formula samples, low protein recipes, diet information and a low protein food store.

March 2014

Nutricia welcomes a new member to the Metabolic Nutrition Sales Force.  Michael Goldsher joins the team to service the Midwest Region.  He will be working closely with metabolic professionals and attending events in IN, OH, MI, WI and surrounding areas.  Be sure to say hello to Mike!

Happy 2014

November 2013

A new addition is added to the Nutricia metabolic product line for Glutaric Aciduria (GA-1). GlutarAde Essential for GA-1 is launched to complement the popular GlutarAde Junior and provide the second stage option for older children and teens with GA-1.

October 2013

Complex Junior MSD is reformulated to contain DHA. Young children with Maple Syrup Urine Disease can now enjoy the benefits of this MSUD formula and the inclusion of DHA, an important part of the diet that is typically obtained by consuming fish and other protein containing items not part of a metabolic diet for MSUD. DHA has been added to help prevent deficiency in children with MSUD.

March 2013

Nutricia hosts the Midwest Regional PKU Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. This full day educational summit brought together families from the IN, IL and OH to learn more about managing the low protein diet . The conference featured metabolic professionals to facilitate sessions that focused on the importance of PKU formula, tips for becoming the leader of your own PKU diet and a low protein cooking skill building workshop led by a professional low protein chef. Learn more about upcoming PKU, MSUD and other metabolic disorders.

Happy 2013